OverSoul // Levitating Planter
Levitating Planter
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OverSoul // Levitating Planter

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OverSoul // Levitating Planter

A magical, one-of-a-kind levitating planter. Conceived, modeled, and 3D-printed in my studio.

Magnetism and electromagnetism are some of the most interesting forces of our universe. This planter puts this amazing aspect of physics on full display while also serving as a container of life.


• OverSoul levitates and rotates 24/7

• Available in 3 light-bending colors/filaments

• Choose whether you'd like a free living air plant included with your order


Watch the below video to see it in action:


OverSoul // 3D-printing Timelapse:


This design came together over the course of several months. Each planter takes about 15 hours to print, and is hand-assembled using a custom-made electromagnet and levitating base.

An instruction card is shipped with the planter containing everything you need to know.

**In response to many requests, shipping to Canada is now open. OverSoul now ships within the USA and Canada**



Q: Can i use soil and another plant?


A: Yes, but the levitation gap will be decreased the more weight you add. Because the planter allows for a max additional weight of 120g, airplants on a bed of reindeer moss (included) are a great fit. If you choose to use soil, fill it no higher than the nose of the faces.

Q: How do I care for the airplant?

A: Air plants are extremely easy to care for and will occasionally bloom beautiful flowers. To water it, simply remove the plant from the planter and submerge it in a bowl of water for 20-30 minutes once a week.


Max Additional Weight: 120g

OverSoul Multi-Face Pot Weight: 280g

Each pot measures 6.25 inches nose-to-nose

Material: PLA, an environmentally friendly and recyclable plastic derived from corn.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Michael Berry (Enterprise, US)
Great gift

My 15 year old daughter thinks this is amazing. So do I

Kathy Stanley (Littleton, US)

I am thrilled to have received this and have it as a piece for our home and alter of the heart. Everything that I choose to bring into our home reflects deep connection to purpose and being of one divine pulse so it fits perfectly.
This is also a meaningful conversation piece that is really fun to share with guests.
We are so impressed with the dynamic workmanship of this as well and how it fits right into the organic nature of movement.
Well done-
Thank you for creating a meaningful tangible expression for us to share and deepen understanding with.

Joel (Scottsdale, US)
Awesome gift

I typically gift experiences rather than ‘things’ but this is a rad item. Very cool piece to have in the house and my partner loves it.

Danielle LaTouche (Calgary, CA)

Just as amazing in person as it is shown in the photos. Absolutely love it!

Jordan Rahme (Huntersville, US)
Super dope

Levitating pineal head spinner, yes plz 🙏🏽